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FS// MBL 1511F DAC - Preowned. By audioemotion, September 4, 2013 in Trade News, Reviews, Advice & Discussions. Reply to this topic; MBL 1511F Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) from the German company known for its over-the-top designs and performance. Hi-Fi News comments on the sound from this DAC: "richly textured and colourful . . .

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2011-01-27 · I know MBL makes some really fantastic equipment, but to me they look almost *inconceivably* tacky. Their speakers are gorgeous (and fascinating), but their AV components look as if Liberace and Las Vegas got together, overindulged, then threw up all over some perfectly nice CD players and amplifiers the next morning. 擠身電腦播放行列mbl 1511F DAC. mbl 1511F DAC. 1511F數位類比轉換器隸屬德國mbl旗下Noble line系列,從第一代的1511歷經了多次改革,至今已是第六代,在原有的型號1511後加上了F,以便與舊款做區隔。. 1511F機箱採鋁合金材質一體成形鑄造,從外看不見一根螺絲,使其不易受外來震動的影響,外殼以鋼琴烤漆處理,除了傳統mbl招牌的黑金搭配外,原廠網站中還提供了另外四種顏色搭配 MBL DAC 1511F (£7920) The mbl D/A (dac) converter opens the door to the future, with (96/192 kHz/24 bits), and is already equipped with a Link for the mbl Super Audio CD player. Sep 3, 2017 - MBL 1511F DAC The mbl D A dac converter opens the door to the future to DVD 96 192 kHz 24 bits and is already equipped with a Link for the mbl Super 10.01.2014 - MBL 1511F DAC The mbl D A dac converter opens the door to the future to DVD 96 192 kHz 24 bits and is already equipped with a Link for the mbl Super 2018-01-18 · And when I unpacked my review sample of the Noble Line N31 ($15,400), I was indeed taken with its looks. The N31's front panel is dominated by a large, 5", color TFT display, flanked on each side by three function buttons that MBL calls "soft keys," and below it the slot for the vibration-damped CD transport.

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1511F機箱採鋁合金材質一體成形鑄造,從外看不見一根螺絲,使其不易受外來震動的影響,外殼以鋼琴烤漆處理,除了傳統mbl招牌的黑金搭配外,原廠網站中還提供了另外四種顏色搭配 The smaller MBL system consisted of the Radialstrahler 120 loudspeakers ($21,400/pair) with stands ($1630), 9007 monoblock amplifiers ($21,400/each), 6010D preamplifier ($26,500), 1511F DAC with MBLMCMi asynchronous USB input ($11,800), and 1521A transport ($12,200). Cabling was Wireworld Eclipse 6.

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AUDIO HUY LAN ANH - Đại lý độc quyền mbl 1511 F D/A Converter tại Việt one must conclude it is the sound quality performance of a DAC – and its true  Mbl 15 Références · Mbl 1521 Cd Transport Review · Mbl 1521a Transport · Mbl 1511. Original price: JPY 1,036,000.

In terms of source devices, the company's ne plus ultra is the 1621A CD transport and 1611F digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The 1621A starts with a die-cast aluminum frame and 17-pound, spring-loaded sub MBL DAC 1511F Wayne Garcia Absolute Sound Integrated One of the most eagerly awaited new products, the C51 does not disappoint. 5-years in the making, the C51 sets the benchmark at this price. Poor orphaned MBL needs some love.
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The mbl 1511 F DAC has some of this. As JV points out, the MBL sound is a touch darker, perhaps a shade more beautiful than life, but in tandem with its remarkable air, transparency to the recording venue, and outstanding detail, I’d say that’s a compliment.

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MBL 1511F DAC (Black/Gold ) £POA: Linn Klimax DS/3: £7500: Linn Akurate DS/3: £3750: Aqua Formula XHD Rev 2 Dac (NEW !) £8995: Benchmark DAC-1 USB DAC (UK voltage) £550: Esoteric K-01 SACD Player/USB DAC: £5995: Antipodes DX Generation 3 Upgrade audio server: £2500: Melco N1 ZS mk2 (2TB, ex-demo) £6500: Bricasti M5 network Player: £ MBL是大家都知道的德國Hi End音響廠,他家喇叭給人印象最深的就是360度聲波輻射葫蘆喇叭(Radialstrahler),而他家擴大機讓人印象最深刻的就是超級重,簡直就像德國坦克。不過,自從公司經營權易手之後,事情有了轉變,360度葫蘆喇叭還是公司的當家喇叭,沒有改變。不過,擴大機、數位訊源卻 MBL 1511f pricing information. on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community Aug 4, 2014 - MBL C51 Integrated Amplifier MBL 1611e dac pricing information. on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community 1511F DAC机箱采铝合金材质一体成形铸造,从外看不见一根螺丝,使其不易受外来震动的影响,外壳以钢琴烤漆处理,除了传统mbl招牌的黑金搭配外,原厂网站中还提供了另外四种颜色搭配供用户做选择,有以镀铬的银灰色来搭配黑色、银色或白色的组合,以及白金的颜色搭配。 We have 1 review of MBL C31. View all reviews, videos, ratings and awards for mblc31. TestSeek is an independent and unbiased review aggregator, it is our mission to collect all expert reviews and calculate an average rating for each product. 1 Apr 2007 When I was offered the chance to review the mbl DAC (and, subsequently, the Burmester and Mark Levinson DACs that I write about elsewhere  MBL 1531 CD Player review Hi Fi News The MBL 1622 CD/SACD player and 1611f DAC's are as good as the best units out Haven't heard the 1511f yet. mbl 8011 AM monoblocks. SOURCES.